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E is for Equinox

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A one-time-only public sculpture, performance and sound installation— E is for Equinox—from Grammy-nominated musician and Indianapolis-based artist Stuart Hyatt. The ephemeral, powerful performance consisted of a circle of 75 electric guitar players simultaneously strumming the E major power cord over a two minute period. The cord gradually became louder, transforming the surrounding woods into a supercharged sonic volcano, before reaching maximum volume and intensity. This performance was curated by Scott Stulen as part of the IMA’s Fall Equinox event.

Silent Night: Personal DJ Project

Silent Night

Explore the joy of silence on what is traditionally the wildest, most hectic weekend of the holiday season. Relax with low pressure activities as an alternative to fighting crowds at shopping malls. Take some slow-looking tours around the galleries, listen in on a headphone concert, enjoy a reading room, massage and meditation spaces. Park your cell phone with our Phone Valet to avoid distraction from this reprieve in your busy holiday schedule.

Office of Art Grievances


The Office of Art Grievances is a project by the Public Programs team at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The Office provides a system for the public to formally file a complaint against “Art,” either generally or specifically. The formal compliant is then processed and forwarded to the Office of Art Resolutions, where an official will attempt to remedy the art-related issue. All complaints are then permanently filed. The offices will take the form of two desks located on opposite axes of Monument Circle, and be staffed by IMA curators and programmers during business hours of the festival. The project creates a feedback loop between audience and institution, and an opportunity to examine the things about art that cause us distress and angst. #greivanceoffice

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Experts take to panel to discuss both public, juried top 20

On Monday, October 6 art experts lead the conversation around the public and juried top 20 ArtPrize candidates for 3-dimensional and time-based categories.

Panelists (from left) Scott Stulen, Paddy Johnson and Miranda Lash

/Christopher John Wilson

Panelists (from left) Scott Stulen, Paddy Johnson and Miranda Lash

With ArtPrize into its final lap, the discussions are starting to heat up. Serving to foster dialog about the importance of art and culture and the impact that an event as unique as ArtPrize can have on a local community, “Why These Finalists” provided a panel of arts experts to look at the work selected by both jurors and the public in the 3D and Time-Based categories. 

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Cereal Cinema Saturdays at the IMA


When I was a kid, Saturday mornings were meant for giant bowls of cereal and cartoons.” — Annessa Chumbley

Beginning this January, parents and kids are invited to experience Cereal Cinema, a unique family-friendly experience created by the Indy Film Fest, The Athenaeum and the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA). Cereal Cinema features the two things every family needs on a Saturday morning – a classic movie that the whole family can enjoy and a cereal bar! The collaborative project will begin Saturday, January 3 and continue every first Saturday of the month at 10 a.m.

Families will have the opportunity to explore two cultural locations: The Athenaeum Indianapolis and the IMA. Cereal Cinema will alternate between the two cultural locations every other month. Tickets will be sold for $5 each, and includes admission to the film, as well as the cereal buffet. Parents can now buy tickets at

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Off The Wall: Scott Stulen at the IMA


Ahem. Make that Thursday. Thursday, December 11, to be precise. That’s when the Indianapolis Museum of Art will host its first-ever Monster Drawing Rally. There will be no pyrotechnics or metal-crushing action, but an ego or two might get bruised. A fundraiser for a new IMA endowment for educational programming, the Monster Drawing Rally will feature 60-plus local artists working in three one-hour shifts (at 6, 7, and 8 p.m.), creating as many original drawings as they can in their allotted time. Each drawing will sell for a flat fee of $35. Attendance is free.

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