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CHAMPION OF INNOVATION: Curator takes risks at IMA

Scott Stulen (Visit Indy)

by Lou Harry
May 30, 2015

Scott Stulen admits much of what he’s doing as the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s first curator of audience experiences and performance isn’t what people expect from a cultural museum. “Museums have become very, very systematized,” said the man who produced the Internet Cat Video Festival at Minneapolis’ Walker Art Center. “Things are so thought out, so planned, so tested, that you know exactly what audience members are going to do or not do. There’s no room for deviation.”“But when you’re out of control—when you don’t control the narrative anymore—that’s what’s really exciting,” he said. “That’s where true innovation comes from.”
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IMA turns car into giant ‘Pole Position’ video game


The Indianapolis Museum of Art is the first museum to turn a car into an Atari controller — and you’re invited to take the driver’s seat. In a project that will excite gamers and gearheads alike, the IMA invited car writer and artist Jason Torchinsky to partially gut a 1983 Lancia and rewire the car so it can play “Pole Position,” the classic arcade game that helped pioneer the driving game genre. “Basically, the whole car is a controller that plugs into the Atari,” he said on Wednesday at the IMA, sweating under the hood as he turned over a mercury sensor in his hand. Starting Friday, participants can sit inside the car and enter a real-life-meets-virtual world — one in which pixelated turf and race cars zoom past in a giant screen overhead.

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INDY STAR: ARTx 2015-16 Season Preview


The Indianapolis Museum of Art unveiled Wednesday more than 70 events for the second year of its ARTx series, public programming that ranges from a fashion-design competition and modern dance performance to an art trivia challenge and a screening of “Boyz n the Hood.” We spotlight 10 attention-grabbing events below

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Mixing Up the Art Scene: Scott Stulen

Cardboard Fort Building at IMA Family Day

“Different audiences are wanting to consume art in a different way than our culture has been consuming in the past. And we can do it without compromising the core mission of the institution. The arts can sometimes take themselves too seriously.”

Scott Stulen is changing the way people view art in Indianapolis. The Curator of Audience Experiences and Performance is bringing more interaction to the IMA through new events and activities. Kate Wickwire sat down with Scott to discuss how the IMA is changing and what is on the horizon for the museum.  

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Inaugural Indy Art Swap

Trade your art for art. The Inaugural Indy Art Swap invites you to bring artwork, your own creation or just part of your collection, to trade with other collectors and appreciators. Part of the annual IMA Summer Solstice Giant Picnic Community Day, this unique twist on an art fair, welcomes artwork of all genres and vintages. If you call it art, it is fair game to be swapped.

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