A Theory of Values



The Soap Factory’s 2010 biennial show, “A Theory of Values,” is all about place, states co-curator Scott Stulen.  The title for the show comes from a story by Minnesota-born writer Sinclair Lewis about a young man who initially is itching to get out of his hometown. Similarly, many Minnesota artists aspire to things beyond the state, but often choose to remain here. The Soap Factory’s last biennial show featured artists mainly from Minneapolis. For the upcoming event, curators Stulen and Kris Douglas have broadened the scope to artists from greater Minnesota, including a participant from Ely and one from Chatfield. “An interesting thing about the change of technology is that artists can have successful careers and not live in the metro area,” says Stulen. The artists in the show come from a broad range of experience, from well-known names such as Chris Larson and Bruce Tapola to mid-career artists to artists showing for the first time. Although not intentional, Stulen said that much of the work by the mid-career artists follows similar trends, including work in abstraction, possibly because there is a tight-knit community of artists in the Twin Cities. The opening reception is 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday, August 28. (Pictured:Untitled, by Lester B. Morrison)
Aug. 28-Oct. 25, 2010

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