Catalog Projects: Fire Works (2012)


Minneapolis based Catalog Project’s (Scott Stulen and Ruben Nusz) debut event titled Fire Works. For this exhibition and performance, six established Minnesota artists were asked to sculpt three-dimensional wooden objects, which will be unveiled in the Cargill Lounge of the Walker Art Center to kick off the evening.  Then, in the spirit of Alan Kaprow, the art objects for this one night exhibition and performance will not be accumulated by the institution but rather liberated by a sacrificial act of burning. Thus providing an opportunity to investigate our cultural tendencies toward acquisition while emphasizing a visceral experience of the present moment. The action begins at 11pm with a single sculpture removed from the exhibition, broken down and burned in the campfire on the Walker Open Field.  Over the next four hours all the remaining pieces will follow, leaving only the documentation and the memory behind.  To follow the projects evolution throughout the night follow us on twitter @openfield

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