Silent Night: Personal DJ Project

Silent Night

Explore the joy of silence on what is traditionally the wildest, most hectic weekend of the holiday season. Relax with low pressure activities as an alternative to fighting crowds at shopping malls. Take some slow-looking tours around the galleries, listen in on a headphone concert, enjoy a reading room, massage and meditation spaces. Park your cell phone with our Phone Valet to avoid distraction from this reprieve in your busy holiday schedule.


ArtX 1$1 million grant from The Efroymson Family Fund will support innovative museum programs and initiatives through 2018

Indianapolis Museum of Art is excited to announce the inventive new ARTx series, made possible with a $1 million gift from The Efroymson Family Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF).

The ARTx series was developed by the IMA’s first-ever curator of audience experiences and performance, Scott Stulen, and offers smart, dynamic and highly interactive experiences for audiences on the IMA campus and within the local community. The robust lineup features new public programming and community initiatives, along with enhancements to existing campus programs and events. New offerings such as Grown-up Summer Camp, Art Crossfit and Avant Brunch continue to strengthen the IMA’s reputation for quality experiences and intellectual rigor, while creating playful and unexpected points of access for a variety of audiences.

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Five Wild Ideas to Make Indy Better

Winter Nights Fargo 2015

An All-Night Projection Festival

By Scott Stulen, Curator of audience experience and performance at the IMA

Screens are a ubiquitous presence in our daily lives, providing a constant backdrop in public spaces and a beckoning distraction on our smartphones. Our screen-filled environment provides a stream of vital information, but also becomes white noise, ever-present but unconsidered. What if, for one night, our screens became more than hosts for endless replays of SportsCenter and cat videos? Imagine a night illuminated by 10-story video projections on downtown buildings; secret, location-based cell phone viewing parties; stadium scoreboard takeovers; and entire sports bars becoming art-house cinemas. My idea is to launch an innovative, flagship cultural event for Indianapolis that becomes a source of civic pride.

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DESK: Revolver + Paper Darts at Soo Local

Scott Stulen: Desk

Ten artists and writers attack the same desk*. One attack per hour. Each a construction/deconstruction/reconstruction/resurrection & palimpsest. Anything goes**.

It is a place of toil: bills paid, taxes prepared. Across the desk people are hired, fired, told they have cancer. The lives of millions have been signed away on desks.

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Every Hole’s a Piece of Art In This Mini Golf Course

18 Holes in One


In their own way, a lot of miniature golf courses—with their twisting layouts, devious obstacles, and over-the-top designs—can be considered art. Even if their sole purpose is to encourage tourists to pay to knock a ball around. But this spring the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden decided to join forces to take the idea of minigolf as art even further by hiring artists, architects, engineers, and students to design the museum’s annual artist-made minigolf course, Walker on the Green.

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A 3 day live action role playing event. Local artists and players from across the state come together to participate in the Corporate Wizard’s weekend adventure.


Working closely with Minnesota LARP-ers, artist Erik Ullanderson and The Soap Factory present a weekend of adventure, The Amazing Adventures of the Corporate Wizard in the Land of LARP. The Soap Factory comes to life as LARP-ers unfold their quests in the vivid environments designed by local and national artists.

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Analog Tweets



Interactive technology that takes it slow and fast at the same time – The Walker Art Center created analog tweets for the 2012 American Association of Museums Annual Meeting & Museum Expo in Minneapolis.

The idea – You write it, we tweet it. The analog tweet system was created in partnership with Lunalux’s Jenni Undis. It’s a system for connecting with people but done on two very different scales – There is an in-person one-to-one exchange of hand written messages with lovely letterpressed card. Those notes then get sent out to the great wide twittersphere of Walker’s twitter & facebook followers. So that’s one in-person smile and a message out to roughly two thousand people at the same time.

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The Bearded What

The Bearded What

In the summer of 2009, five artists from the Midwest formed a collaborative art group called “The Bearded What.” This collaborative is based on a combined interest in popular culture, art making, and Heavy Metal music.  According to critic Jon Pareles of the New York Times, “heavy metal is a major subspecies of hard-rock—the breed with less syncopation, less blues, more showmanship and more brute force.” The lyrical themes often address dark and depressing subject matter, death, occult references, and Nordic myths through aggressive lyrics and imagery.  Similarly, the artists of “The Bearded What” share a graphic and aggressive approach to art making.  Though the work of each artist gravitates toward different categories of Metal, tight connections remain within each member’s production.  Whether directly borrowing from Metal song lyrics, logos or bands, or more broadly from themes of the counter culture, death, and decay, each artist merges their influences in a richly layered and visually saturated style.  

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Catalog Projects: Fire Works (2012)


Minneapolis based Catalog Project’s (Scott Stulen and Ruben Nusz) debut event titled Fire Works. For this exhibition and performance, six established Minnesota artists were asked to sculpt three-dimensional wooden objects, which will be unveiled in the Cargill Lounge of the Walker Art Center to kick off the evening.  Then, in the spirit of Alan Kaprow, the art objects for this one night exhibition and performance will not be accumulated by the institution but rather liberated by a sacrificial act of burning. Thus providing an opportunity to investigate our cultural tendencies toward acquisition while emphasizing a visceral experience of the present moment. The action begins at 11pm with a single sculpture removed from the exhibition, broken down and burned in the campfire on the Walker Open Field.  Over the next four hours all the remaining pieces will follow, leaving only the documentation and the memory behind.  To follow the projects evolution throughout the night follow us on twitter @openfield

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For immediate release: April 15th, 2009

Studio #456

Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413


“Artists should never compromise their integrity, morality and principles in exchange for money, success or personal gain” states Wikipedia or as conceptual artist Jenny Holzer cynically states “money creates taste”. At SELLOUT gallery we believe that artists can sell art without compromising their vision. Seriously.

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