Office of Art Grievances


The Office of Art Grievances is a project by the Public Programs team at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The Office provides a system for the public to formally file a complaint against “Art,” either generally or specifically. The formal compliant is then processed and forwarded to the Office of Art Resolutions, where an official will attempt to remedy the art-related issue. All complaints are then permanently filed. The offices will take the form of two desks located on opposite axes of Monument Circle, and be staffed by IMA curators and programmers during business hours of the festival. The project creates a feedback loop between audience and institution, and an opportunity to examine the things about art that cause us distress and angst. #greivanceoffice

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The Internet Cat Video Festival

ecp_mktg_2013_lovecats_catvidfesticon_centered copy

Isn’t not about watching cat videos, it’s about watching cat videos together

The world’s first Internet Cat Video Festival at the Walker Art Center in August of 2012 was an unparalleled and unexpected success. Crowds flocked to the lawn of the Walker to watch a curated selection of Internet felines with fellow cat lovers. The New York Times reported: “You could hear the meows nearly a block away, and also the “awwws.” The laughter too…An estimated 10,000 people turned out for an event that was, from its inception to its closing credits, an online meme made flesh (and fur).”  Since its stunning debut, the festival has inspired hundreds of news headlines worldwide, launched international tour and has become the premiere festival for Internet Cat Videos. The second edition of the Festival, in August 2013, drew over 11,000 to the Minnesota State Fair and launched a second tour including sold out stops in Brooklyn, Chicago, Oakland, Portland, Memphis and overseas to Vienna, Athens, Jerusalem and Northern Ireland. 

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mnartists FIELD DAY


After last year’s rousing success, Field Day returns!  This year promises a fresh slate of events and activities celebrating local artists and art supporters. Join the fun after work, or better yet, take the day off: Everyone is welcome, and members receive free gallery admission all day. In a summer bursting with exciting, intriguing and unexpected events on the Walker Open Field…..Field Day is sure deliver something for everyone.

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Nancy Rexroth: Iowa

Nancy Rexroth
Rochester Art Center – M
arch 10 – April 29, 2007

Curated by Scott Stulen

First published in 1977 Rexroth’s Iowa is a series of small black and white photographs shot between 1970 and 1976 using a cheap plastic “Diana” camera. Titled Iowa, though shot mostly in southern Ohio, Rexroth’s work recalls childhood family trips into Iowa and her mistaken assumption that the whole Midwest was called Iowa. Filled with a feeling of unmistakable familiarity her hazy tinted images capture universal themes of place and time far beyond the Midwest of the early 1970’s. Purposely nostalgic, thou never sentimental, Rexroth’s work reveals the deeper psychology within her simple subject matter. Now over three decades later, Rexroth’s photographs continue to resonate, influencing generations of photographers.

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That’s The News (and I am out of here)

nelson 2

Jonathan Nelson
Found Sound Collage (3:47), 2007
Curated by Scott Stulen

I had fallen asleep watching Saturday Night Live. The year was 1991. I was around sixteen years old and had come to identify with that year’s cast for some reason. It was not the first time I had dreamt about the show.

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Music for Parking Garages


Part of a two week residency by Los Angeles based Machine Project, Music for Parking garages teamed Los Angeles and Minneapolis musicians to create site-specific sound works for the Walker Art Center’s parking garage. The pieces created a warm ambient environment for visitors as they parked their cars, stopped in to listen, or even napped to the music. The audience lounged in bean bag chairs, backseats or strolled through the space experiencing the acoustical charm of the parking structure.

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FLUX / Art+Music

logo 2

The Rochester Art Center is home to Flux, a music, art and performance happening featuring house DJ Scott Stulen along with monthly guest artists. For each Flux a new music, art or dance performer opens the evening followed by music spun by house and guest DJs. Enjoy the views of downtown while meeting with friends and experiencing exciting new music and performances.

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Open Field




From June to September, Open Field transforms the Walker Art Center’s big, green yard into a cultural commons. The space is designed in the spirit of the “gift economy,” to explore what happens when people get together to share and exchange skills and interests, to create something new, or delve into the unknown.

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A 3 day live action role playing event. Local artists and players from across the state come together to participate in the Corporate Wizard’s weekend adventure.


Working closely with Minnesota LARP-ers, artist Erik Ullanderson and The Soap Factory present a weekend of adventure, The Amazing Adventures of the Corporate Wizard in the Land of LARP. The Soap Factory comes to life as LARP-ers unfold their quests in the vivid environments designed by local and national artists.

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Analog Tweets



Interactive technology that takes it slow and fast at the same time – The Walker Art Center created analog tweets for the 2012 American Association of Museums Annual Meeting & Museum Expo in Minneapolis.

The idea – You write it, we tweet it. The analog tweet system was created in partnership with Lunalux’s Jenni Undis. It’s a system for connecting with people but done on two very different scales – There is an in-person one-to-one exchange of hand written messages with lovely letterpressed card. Those notes then get sent out to the great wide twittersphere of Walker’s twitter & facebook followers. So that’s one in-person smile and a message out to roughly two thousand people at the same time.

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Northern Spark: Nightshift


Walker Art Center and Open Field
10pm June 4th – 6am June 5th, 2011

The Walker Art Center’s contribution to the Northern Spark Festival explores quiet, intimate experiences and nocturnal activities within public and communal space.  Nightshift presents a range of activities spread throughout the Walker Art Center and Open Field including live headphone concerts in the James Turrell SkyPesher, bedtime stories with local writers, stargazing, choreographed and impromptu sleep position performances and many more surprises.  The Walker galleries and building amenities will be open for late night viewing and relaxation. The programming will close with fresh donuts delivered at sunrise.

Nightshift is presented partnership with and Rain Taxi Review of Books.

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Tuckunder Projects: Afternoon Delight


Afternoon Delight/Curated by Jehra Patrick & Scott Stulen. 
Featuring work by Alexa Horochowski, Andy Messerschmidt, Jason Pearson, Neal Perbix, Erika Ritzel, and Kurtis Skaife.  
Thursday, September 20 – October 21, 2012.

Afternoon Delight explores the aesthetics of the domestic, collective experience and the lingering memories attached to personal possessions.  The six artists included in this exhibition subtly reference the site, a white-wall gallery space situated in a SW Minneapolis garage. In this context homogeneously suburban objects take on a new symbolism: A crocheted brick wall juxtaposed with a drawing on wood paneling suggest the intimate environ of a family rec-room; stacked porn resting on doilies at an estate sale elude to delicate line between public with private lives; square serial paintings become stand-ins for album art and the iconic decoration of tall ships suggesting both kitsch and hipster irony. Much like the melodrama and psychology of browsing personal effects at a garage sale, Afternoon Delight positions the viewer as a tourist, both creating personal association and repulsion through intimate household objects and domestic voyeurism.

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Catalog Projects: Fire Works (2012)


Minneapolis based Catalog Project’s (Scott Stulen and Ruben Nusz) debut event titled Fire Works. For this exhibition and performance, six established Minnesota artists were asked to sculpt three-dimensional wooden objects, which will be unveiled in the Cargill Lounge of the Walker Art Center to kick off the evening.  Then, in the spirit of Alan Kaprow, the art objects for this one night exhibition and performance will not be accumulated by the institution but rather liberated by a sacrificial act of burning. Thus providing an opportunity to investigate our cultural tendencies toward acquisition while emphasizing a visceral experience of the present moment. The action begins at 11pm with a single sculpture removed from the exhibition, broken down and burned in the campfire on the Walker Open Field.  Over the next four hours all the remaining pieces will follow, leaving only the documentation and the memory behind.  To follow the projects evolution throughout the night follow us on twitter @openfield

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For immediate release: April 15th, 2009

Studio #456

Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413


“Artists should never compromise their integrity, morality and principles in exchange for money, success or personal gain” states Wikipedia or as conceptual artist Jenny Holzer cynically states “money creates taste”. At SELLOUT gallery we believe that artists can sell art without compromising their vision. Seriously.

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#BIKEVIDFEST: Bike-In Video Festival (2013)

Bike-In Video Festival(#bikevidfest)
Co-presented by Aurora Picture Show in collaboration with Buffalo Bayou Partnership
Curator Scott Stulen of Walker Art Center
Saturday, November 2nd, 6:30PM
Sesquicentennial Park, Houston TX

Tighten your helmet straps, oil your gears and add some more bike lights for the “Bike-In Video Festival” at Sesquicentennial Park.  Presented by Whole Foods Market, in partnership with Aurora Picture Show, with collaboration by Buffalo Bayou Partnership, this free outdoor film screening will feature artist-made short-length films and videos celebrating bike culture curated by Scott Stulen of the Walker Arts Center.  Inspired by the popularity of the 2012 Scoot-In and 2009 Junkyard Drive-In, Aurora Picture Show has organized this “wheels to reels” presentation in a communal setting to create both a social experience and a film festival. All two-wheel loving Houstonians are invited to bring their ride (scooters, bicycles, unicycles, and tricycles) to the 500 Block of Preston (between Bagby and Smith) at 6:30PM for a one-of-a-kind film screening experience along the bayou.

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Artist Designed Mini Golf

artist designed mini golf


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, the Walker delivers a fresh round of mini golf. Garden gnomes masquerading as foosball strikers, a scale model of a French chateau, mazes, gopher holes, and contours mapped from the course at the legendary Augusta National Golf Club are just a few ingredients going into the 2013 edition of the artist-designed course. And purists, worry not: at least one hole includes a kitschy, oversize watering can.

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Open Field: Conversations on the Commons



Read Open Field: Conversations on the Commons »

In the spirit of public exchange, the Walker presents Open Field: Conversations on the Commons, a book examining our three-year experiment in participation and public space. In the hope of giving each piece of content new life, we’re sharing links to every chapter of the book—updated as they are published on various Walker and non-Walker websites—below. These illustrated essays and interviews address the possibilities of a true cultural commons, both within the context of a contemporary art center and beyond.

Community Supported Art (CSA)


I helped develop and implement the Community Supported Art Program. Over the last 20 years, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for consumers to buy seasonal food directly from local farms. With the same buy-direct, buy-local spirit in mind, and Springboard for the Arts created a similar endeavor to support local art, artists, and collectors. Community Supported Art is an exciting new model of art support and distribution that supports artists in the creation of new work and establishes relationships with local collectors and patrons.

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Skyspace/Soundspace (2009)


Five-part free concert series featuring local musicians performing within (and responding to) James Turrell’s Sky Pesher, 2006 on the grounds of the Walker Art Center. The performers played live within the confines of the sculpture while their performance was projected on the side of the museum. The audience was seated on the hill surrounding the sculpture. The program resulted in a cinematic live concert experience and a unique separation between performer and audience.

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Open Field Drawing Club

of2011ns0604_002The spirit of Drawing Club is built on sharing, collaboration and social experience of art making.

Here is how it works: Drawing Club meets every week under the trees outside the Bazinet Lobby in the Open Field Grove. Members of the public are invited to join with local artists, grab a pencil and share their contributions. All supplies are provided. The center of each table will contain the working pool of pieces (including works in progress from prior weeks). You can start a new drawing, slide it back into pool, pass it around, alter, edit, and amend it until the group declares each piece complete. The finished works will be collected and displayed throughout the summer in our completed portfolios. What can beat making art under a grove of trees with a cold drink!

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Acoustic Campfire (2011)

Acoustic Campfire01

A great way to wind-down after Target Free Thursday Nights. Close out the evening with local musicians performing intimate acoustic sets. Join in a sing-along or just take in the music while savoring a summer sunset.

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The Critics’ Show

By Jessica Armbruster Wednesday, Jan 14 2009
It’s true that outlets for art criticism around town may be dwindling, but that doesn’t mean that art itself is, nor does it mean that there is a dearth of art critics. “The Critics’ Show” demonstrates precisely that where there is art, there also a critic ready to expound on it in the most poetic and enthusiastic way possible.

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A Theory of Values



The Soap Factory’s 2010 biennial show, “A Theory of Values,” is all about place, states co-curator Scott Stulen.

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A Theory of Values


Theory of Values

Featuring: Ute Bertog, Jennifer Danos, John Fleischer, Isa Gagarin, Caroline Kent, Chris Larson, Dustin Larson, Kirk McCall, Megan McCready, Andy Messerschmitt, Lester B. Morrison, Jesikah Orman, Joe Smith, Bruce Tapola, Karl Unnasch, Aaron Van Dyke.

Curated by: Kris Douglas and Scott Stulen
This exhibition will present a focused survey of Minnesota’s most innovative contemporary visual artists. The title of the exhibition is borrowed from a short story written by Minnesota-born author Sinclair Lewis, in which the protagonist initially wants not to “rot away in this dull, little town and die unheard of” but instead aspires to transcend his surroundings and “do something in and for the world.” In the story, Lewis considers notions of “value” as related to personal and cultural conditions surrounding place and location. The works selected for this exhibition similarly explore place, yet are not bound by regionalism. This exhibition further attempts to define commonalities in critical artistic practice at the particular time. Consequently, this exhibition includes a tightly focused group of artists working within a similar conceptual framework. In keeping with the mission of The Soap Factory, this exhibition promotes experimentation and risk-taking, offers audiences a real and immediate experience of the arts, and encourages a wider understanding of and appreciation for artists and their work.


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