Inaugural Indy Art Swap

Trade your art for art. The Inaugural Indy Art Swap invites you to bring artwork, your own creation or just part of your collection, to trade with other collectors and appreciators. Part of the annual IMA Summer Solstice Giant Picnic Community Day, this unique twist on an art fair, welcomes artwork of all genres and vintages. If you call it art, it is fair game to be swapped.

No registration needed, just come with a blanket and your treasures to trade. Two rules. The work must fit on your blanket and nothing can be swapped for cash, only non-cash transactions allowed…so get creative and maybe you will find a few new pieces to enliven your collection. Also enjoy foods trucks, drinks and music by Aurelio Martinez through out the afternoon.

Presented in partnership with the Indy Star and organized by Michelle Pemberton and Scott Stulen.

How to Art Swap

1. Keep it Fun: The intention of the Art Swap is to meet new people, refresh your collection and have fun. Think of it as the anti-art fair.

2. Keep it Small: Please do not bring large works or large quantities. The intention is to have a few smaller items to swap, not setting up a pop-up store for the day. Works on paper are ideal art swap pieces. Please do not bring easels or other display “props” either.

3. Bring a Blanket: Your blanket is your gallery, bring one.

4. Make a Friend, or Bring a Friend: Ask a friend to watch your works, or your neighbor, as you browse the available pieces, then return the favor.

5. No Cash, All Trade: It’s about swapping not selling, so please no cash transactions. However, you can get creative. Helping with a website, shooting photo documentation or mowing a lawn are examples of non-cash and acceptable transactions.

6. Check in: We ask that all “swappers” check in at our table when you arrive to get a number and any last minute information.

7. Watching is Fine Too: No artwork to swap, no worries. You are welcome to come and view the work, strike up a conversation and enjoy the event.

Photo illustration by Michelle Pemberton and Kelly Wilkinson

Part of the IMA Summer Solstice Community Day Celebration
Sutphin Mall (near the Sutphin Fountain and Lichtenstein Brushstrokes)
Saturday, June 20th
Noon – 3pm


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