SXSW 2014: Cat Cash. The Economy of Internet Cat Videos


Saturday, March 8 
5:00PM – 6:00PM

Austin Convention Center
Room 12AB

Cat videos are no longer just an entertaining distraction between emails and facebook posts; they are now an economic force. In just the past year cat video “cat-lebrities” have inked movie and book deals, inspired touring festivals and are charting out new territory on web TV. What makes cat videos different from other YouTube sensations? Feline flicks transcend language and culture and have demonstrated an unrivaled traction with audiences; with many cat video stars moving successfully from fleeting meme to established brand. This panel of experts and entrepreneurs will discuss how cat videos are making the leap from YouTube to becoming an effective and genuine vehicle for fundraising, marketing, commerce and audience engagement. This session will include cat videos. The track is sponsored by the Knight Foundation.



Ben Lashes
Mgmt Consultant & Founder A Weird Movie

Ben Lashes was described by Mashable as is the world’s first meme manager and has successfully built brands for some of the biggest memes of all time including Keyboard Cat, Nyan Cat, Grumpy Cat, Scumbag Steve and Success Kid.


Grace Suriel
Mgr, Social Media Strategy Animal Planet

I’ve been working for Animal Planet for more than 5 years and still find kittens and puppies beyond adorable.

Scott Stulen
Curator and Producer, Internet Cat Video Festival at the Walker Art Center

Scott Stulen is an artist, dj and curator. He is the curator and producer of the Walker Art Center’s Internet Cat Video Festival which has spawned an international tour become a sustained cultural phenomena.


Will Braden
Creator, Henri Le Chat Noir

I make cat videos.


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