That’s The News (and I am out of here)

nelson 2

Jonathan Nelson
Found Sound Collage (3:47), 2007
Curated by Scott Stulen

I had fallen asleep watching Saturday Night Live. The year was 1991. I was around sixteen years old and had come to identify with that year’s cast for some reason. It was not the first time I had dreamt about the show.

In my dream, the program is nearing the moment when the weekly spoof of the TV News would come on. I’m out on the sidewalk with the segment’s anchor. The actor looks abruptly at his watch and then rushes inside. I watch as he stops inside the darkened lobby, outside an open elevator door, the light from inside the car shining down into his panicked eyes. He’s expected on the set in a matter of moments, and the elevator is out. Running for the stairwell, he disappears behind a heavy door, and as he dashes up the first flight of stairs, I’m suddenly inside his head, as he races endlessly for the eighth floor.

This sound composition attempts to recreate a portion of the dream. My inspiration for this work, as with most of my work, is the delight I experienced when first recalling the absurdity of the memory. While most teenagers were dreaming about cars and girls, my subconscious would occasionally make room for the completely ridiculous. As an adult, I am acutely aware of the joy apparently meaningless references and recollections can bring when presented in the appropriate context.


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