A 3 day live action role playing event. Local artists and players from across the state come together to participate in the Corporate Wizard’s weekend adventure.


Working closely with Minnesota LARP-ers, artist Erik Ullanderson and The Soap Factory present a weekend of adventure, The Amazing Adventures of the Corporate Wizard in the Land of LARP. The Soap Factory comes to life as LARP-ers unfold their quests in the vivid environments designed by local and national artists.

Centering around a single character, The Corporate Wizard, the project is presented in a traditional LARP format, a structured script, controlled by a set of rules and driven by live action. Player Characters and Non-Player Characters will engage in a plot line initiated by the Corporate Wizard, a figure that embodies the morals of corporate America. Throughout the 72-hour event each Player Character will finds their way through the story line in a different way. No endings are written. The outcome of each quest is unknown.

Watch SFG4 for artist interviews and event coverage:

Participating artists: Aaron Dysart, Alice Gilmore, Amber Phelps Bondaroff, Andy Ducett ,Andy Lieb ,Beth Pritchard, Bruce Tapola, Caroline Hughes, Carolyn Payne, Dane McFarlane, Erik Ullanderson, Freddy McGuire, Gabriel Leong, Gary Wolfe, The Guild-of-One, Hannah Frick, Holly Wiggin, Kari Makoutz, Kim Peterson, Jaime Carerra, Jarad Cristiansen, Jes Traut, Jesse Quam ,Joel Pieper, Josh Stulen, Julia Bither, Julian Hyde, Lars Lee, Laurie Mitchell, Leah Royseth, Lucky Pataky, Matt McCann, Nancy Lee, Nancy Unnasch, Nicole Salm, Paul Fosaaen, Randy Maurer, Rich Bott, Rosa Strandemo, Rosemary Perronteau, Sandesh Nicol, Scott Steiskal, Scott Stulen, Serena Hansen, Shannon Thorson, Stena Lieb, Susan Kikuchi, Terry Thisius, Tim Carroll, Vena Ambrose, Woody Stauffer

The Soap Factory is pleased to partner with the Southern Minnesota Live Action Role Playing Alliance. Visit here to learn more about the Larping.


Listen to our latest Soapcast episode, an interview with artist Erik Ullanderson:

Watch an interview with artist Erik Ullanderson:

The Setting

The Corporate Wizard has bled his realms dry.  He has mastered his craft to the point where resources are discovered, plundered, and realized at the speed of thought. His “partners” and his “employees” operate at blinding speed, all benefiting from the Corporate Wizard’s understanding of market drivers.  The Value Exchange is a machine of magical brilliance and the Corporate Wizard’s fortunes are vast beyond measure…Yet, something is missing…

Revenue pools are fewer and more difficult to tap, with little to no profit.  Growth has slowed, Margins are tighter.  Partners are restless.  The employees are actually questioning the corporate vision and plan!  On top of this the Corporate Wizard has grown bored and restless. He needs new opportunities and he needs new lands rich with resources to plunder.  In the late nights in the realm that he created in his image he sits in his citadel looking for..What?  More? The New?   Or…Something those others have and he suffices to covet?   Minion after minion bring him tales of untapped riches, but all fall flat as the Corporate Wizard finds holes in their logic and weakness in their business strategies. Until one fateful night, when, of all people, his lowly chamber maid mentions a tale of a land full of riches, a land full of customers…a land that has never even heard of the Corporate Wizard and his business engines!

It takes only moments for the Corporate Wizard to see the potential.  A land full of opportunity!  This is it!  This is what was needed, what he was looking for!  It is all so easy!  So… full of potential! The people are simple.  Their currency is recognized, and most importantly, they are untapped. And so, The Corporate Wizard sets his sights on the mist shrouded lands of Fortannis.


When to visit:
The Soap Factory invites you to witness The Amazing Adventures of the Corporate Wizard in the Land of LARP throughout the gaming weekend. The following guide highlights some of the significant events, but should not limit you from exploring the game throughout the 3-day event. Visitors are welcome to wander through the Corporate Wizard’s world at any time during public hours (see below). Follow @TheSoapFactory on Twitter and find us on Facebook for live updates throughout the game.

Public Hours:
July 29th
7:00pm – 1:00am
July 30th
9:00am – 11:00am
11:00am – 2:00pm (at The Walker Art Center)
2:00pm – 2:00am
July 31
9:00am – 12:00pm

Weekend Highlights:
July 29th
7:00 – 11:00pm The Corporate Wizard hosts a celebration for the adventurers
11:00pm – 1:00am Opening of the crystal cavern
July 30th
11:00am – 3:00pm Battle to placate the masses (at The Walker Art Center)
12:00am – 2:00am Secret meeting of the board
July 31st
9:00am – 12:00pm Portal ritual

The action takes place July 29th – 31st. Additionally, The Soap Factory will be open for gallery hours August 4th – 7th. Come see the artist designed costumes, props and environments from the event.


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