The Critics’ Show

By Jessica Armbruster Wednesday, Jan 14 2009
It’s true that outlets for art criticism around town may be dwindling, but that doesn’t mean that art itself is, nor does it mean that there is a dearth of art critics. “The Critics’ Show” demonstrates precisely that where there is art, there also a critic ready to expound on it in the most poetic and enthusiastic way possible. For this Hopkins Center for the Arts show, well-known Twin Cities writing talents were given the task of finding artists they adored (who had been given relatively little ink) to share with the gallery-hopping world. The participating critics, who will defend and explain their choices (as any good critic should) on opening night, include Susannah Schouweiler, editor of’s email zine access+ENGAGE; Kate Iverson, an arts editor at Secrets of the City; project director Scott Stulen; and writer Gregory J. Scott. Selected artists of intrigue include Chilean-born wood-sculpture artist Alonso Sierralta, photograpers/sound artists Beatrix*Jar, trippy painter Erik Ullanderson, and many more. Opening reception and panel discussion with artists and critics 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday, January 15.



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