Tuckunder Projects: Afternoon Delight


Afternoon Delight/Curated by Jehra Patrick & Scott Stulen. 
Featuring work by Alexa Horochowski, Andy Messerschmidt, Jason Pearson, Neal Perbix, Erika Ritzel, and Kurtis Skaife.  
Thursday, September 20 – October 21, 2012.

Afternoon Delight explores the aesthetics of the domestic, collective experience and the lingering memories attached to personal possessions.  The six artists included in this exhibition subtly reference the site, a white-wall gallery space situated in a SW Minneapolis garage. In this context homogeneously suburban objects take on a new symbolism: A crocheted brick wall juxtaposed with a drawing on wood paneling suggest the intimate environ of a family rec-room; stacked porn resting on doilies at an estate sale elude to delicate line between public with private lives; square serial paintings become stand-ins for album art and the iconic decoration of tall ships suggesting both kitsch and hipster irony. Much like the melodrama and psychology of browsing personal effects at a garage sale, Afternoon Delight positions the viewer as a tourist, both creating personal association and repulsion through intimate household objects and domestic voyeurism.


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