WestMusings – #EPICWIN: How I Won the Internet by Taking it Offline

Scott Stulen has many responsibilities at Walker Art Center, including playing a leadership role in their essential public-facing offering Open Field, a lead organizer of the Cat Video Festival, and Director for mnartists.org. He elaborates on his work in his artist statement explaining, ““I am interested in how popular culture bonds with fragments of memory to create unexpected connections and points of entry, which linger decades later. I am fascinated in how familiar, yet isolated references can be combined to create a new experience, which is both personal, but strangely out of context.? Scott discussed his role in community building with the Cat Video Festivals in his presentation #EPICWIN: How I Won the Internet by Taking it Offline.


The Western Museums Association (WMA) is proud to present the first installment of videos from the first WestMusings | Ten Minute Museum Talks. This new programmatic feature took place at the 2013 Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City. Based on TED Talks’ model, WestMusings is an unconference program of short, rehearsed, and engaging presentations on museum related topics. WestMusings will provide an important platform for tomorrow’s museums leaders to speak today at Annual Meetings.


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